New Customers Guaranteed!

Crowd Cut is a risk-free way to bring new customers to your business

New Customers Guaranteed!

Guaranteed New Customers

Our subscribers are looking for more than a good deal; they want an excuse to break out of the box and try something new!

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Risk-Free and Measurable Marketing

Track the progress of the deal through every step of the process and recieve a check from us within 5 business days of your feature. It is a risk-free opportunity with no up-front costs to feature your business on Crowd Cut.

Your Business is Center Stage

A Center Stage for Your Business

At Crowd Cut you are selling directly to an audience of thousands who are willing and eager to spend time and money at your business.

Be the Talk of the Town!

Word of Mouth Exposure

Our subscribers share your promotion through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter - bringing you more buzz around town.

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Crowd Cut has been featured on:

Crowd Cut has been featured on 5 Eyewitness News, the NEW 96.3NOW,, MPLS St. Pual Mag, Secrets of the City, and Star Tribute.